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School-Based Behavioral Health

Right down the hall...

School-based behavioral health services are designed  to provide a variety of services to school-age children who have social, emotional, or behavioral needs so that they can be successful in school. School-based behavioral health services are located throughout the Greater Capital Region with a continuously growing network. 


Licensed mental health professionals provide the following services, both individually and in the classroom: 

  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Behavioral intervention
  • Family support services 

Case management, psychiatric consultation, and medication management for children are available as complementary services to the counseling. 


  • Immediacy: staff can help address issues in the moment
  • Convenience: services are provided at the child’s school
  • Assistance to families in accessing services
  • Increased positive interaction between parents and children
  • Services available during school vacations and throughout the summer
  • Greater success for the child at school 

Getting Started

School personnel, including the principal and school social worker, can access services for a child and family. Parents or caregivers may also directly contact one of our Behavioral Health Centers to inquire on additional options or for more information.[Brochure] [Rack Card]

Our school-based behavioral health offices are open whenever school is in session. Services continue throughout the year including all vacations and summer months. After hours and during vacation periods, our staff can be reached by cell phone. 

Our network of participating schools is continually expanding, including those listed below: