About us

One family helping many families thrive.

Founded where the Mohawk and Hudson meet, like the rivers that shaped our region, Northern Rivers Family of Services helps change lives by shaping the future of those we serve throughout the Capital Region and beyond. We are a family of human services agencies who work together and are committed to helping children, adults, and families. Northern Rivers was formed in 2012 as a necessary response to times of declining resources and increasing demand for services. We are the parent organization to Parsons Child & Family Center (founded in 1829) and Northeast Parent & Child Society (founded in 1888). Our quality of care, depth of programs, combined size, and passion for the mission make us a leading provider. Informed by our 188-year heritage, our 1,400-strong workforce provides services for 16,000 children, adults, and families throughout 36 counties in New York state.

Mission: We braid resources to meet communities’ need for quality services.

Vision: Northern Rivers leads the way in providing coordinated, comprehensive, and responsible delivery of human services to communities in need of our support.

Values: Northern Rivers is guided by a set of universally accepted principles that guide the actions of every member of our family: respect, excellence, ethics, service, safety, and collaboration. We hold ourselves and each other to these high standards out of a sense of duty, propriety, and service to all who look to use our help.

Core Principles: Every member of the Northern Rivers family is guided by a set of five core principles that guide the way we treat our clients and each other: cultural competence, family- and youth-driven, strengths-based, safety, and trauma-informed.