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Pioneer Bank

Pioneers are the first people to discover things, blaze trails, and stand out for their strength and courage. Whenever we need help, our friends at Pioneer Bank are some of the first people to stand up and support our children, adults, and families. From Pioneer CEO Tom Amell, our former board chairman, and Jesse Tomczak, current Northern Rivers board member, to the branch employees who serve thousands of customers each day, everyone at Pioneer demonstrates a devotion to their community—and we’re grateful for their support.

In addition to their support for many other Northern Rivers initiatives, Pioneer has served as a Genius Sponsor for our Trivia Challenge for the past three years. Not only do they help make the event possible—they also send over a wagon train of employees to take part in the festivities. They’re always one (or two!) of the toughest teams to beat.

Thank you to everyone at Pioneer Bank for supporting our mission, every day.