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Star G.

Director of Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention
Northern Rivers

Joined in 2011

Prior Positions Held

  • Recruitment Coordinator, Northern Rivers 

    Career Highlights

    • With the organization’s support, Star was able to complete her master’s degree; she encourages others to consider how the agency can offer support through educational opportunities. 
    • Star was chosen during the initial development of Northern Rivers to participate in workgroups to determine how to best combine and streamline the foster parent recruitment and retentions efforts of both affiliates. 

        When Star G. reflects on her responsibilities as director of foster parent recruitment and retention at Northern Rivers, she thinks about collaboration. With 7 foster care offices covering more than 20 counties in New York state, Star and the foster care homefinding team make use of virtual platforms, and in-person meetings to ensure that support and inspiration are always within reach. She shared that she appreciates the ability to collaborate when a need or challenge arises; it allows the dialogue to be enriched by the different perspectives and ideas the team brings to the discussion. 

        Star began with the organization as a recruitment coordinator in the therapeutic foster care program. Her responsibilities included the development of foster parent recruitment, certification, and retention; and supervising the team of homefinders, which includes the development of foster parent recruitment, certification, and retention. At the time, Northern Rivers was evolving (which included the affiliates Northeast Parent & Child Society and Parsons Child & Family Center). Foster care was one of the first programs to integrate and work collectively. The homefinding team had the opportunity to offer input on the how to combine the certification and recertification process of foster homes to promote success and efficiency. 

        In 2021, Star saw the chance to grow her career and attained her current position. She felt prepared for the opportunity and ready to tackle the new challenges. Star acknowledges and appreciates the consistency and support from her supervisors during her time with the organization. The longevity of program staff, especially supervisors, offers insights and institutional knowledge that encourages development and promotion from within. Along with longevity of program supervisors, the agency offers ongoing training and professional development through SATRI, tuition reimbursement, and flexibility for the workforce. The agency is innovative and creative with regard to using technology, and encourages various perspectives, ideas, and experiences from staff. 

        Star acknowledges and appreciates the consistency and support from her supervisors during her time with the organization.

        In all that they do, the foster care team continues to meet families when and where they're needed. That includes community involvement, virtual appointments, in-person conversations, and planting seeds to encourage people to learn more about the program and becoming a foster family. Star appreciates the talent and experience of those who work at Northern Rivers and how foster care is an integral part of the Northern Rivers mission. 

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